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    Amaury wins the 6 star GQS at Antofagasta Bodyboarding Festival. Here is the IBA press release along with the video recaps...Get ready for the 3rd stop on the GSS the Arica Chilean Challenge set to start on May 18th.

    Colossal crowds lined the shores at La Cupula for the final day of the Antofagasta Bodyboarding Festival as the final 16 riders prepared for battle in the second 6 Star GQS event of the year.
    In Q1 2008 IBA World Champ Uri Valadao (Brazil) proved too strong for Joe Clarke ...
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    Jake Stone just dropped his section from the new movie Throw Down...If this clip doesn't get you pumped to grab the boog and surf, check your pulse cause he's killing it! Jake Stone signature board found HERE.

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    Mason Rose put together this first edit of his airness Jeff Hubbard. The clip opens up with a quote from Jeff, "All I ever wanted was a piece of bodyboarding history"...Now try and think about the sport without Hubb and all the mind blowing sessions he has had over the years. Think of all the kids he has inspired, all the new moves he has perfected.

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    The 3rd stop on the IBA World Tour, The Arica Chilean Challenge, holding period is set to start next week on the 17th and run till 27th. Dexa is releasing 4 episodes showcasing El Gringo and the surrounding spots to add some hype to this epic contest. The first is focusing on 2 time world champ Ben Player. Who will be featured in the others???? ...
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    Mad man Jase Finlay recently suffered a massive facial by tearing his ATFL ligament completely off, half tearing his CFL Ligament, and spraining most of the other ligaments in his ankle by charging some 4-8ft kegs in SA.

    So what do you do with news like this???? You shine getting the surgery because that keeps you out of the water ...
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    Controversial has just dropped their official teaser clip for Dinero Leon that's due out in June. This film takes a new perspective on the 2011-2012 best sessions in Europe and the last season in Hawaii.

    Alejandro Ramirez

    Alejandro Ramirez

    Jose G.Villarmin
    Tony Cruz ...