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    Jake Stone Subaru (Video)

    This Jake Stone clip is coming from VS and Subaru...Yes the car company Subaru! Word is Stoney got a new whip for this clip. Rad to see a car company sponsor a bodyboarder! To get the Jake Stone model click HERE.

    Comments 4 Comments
    1. Mahalo's Avatar
      I'm on my 3rd Subaru, Best car company around. My new Forester is the ultimate bodyboarding vehicle. It has the same engine as the impreza so much better gas milage than any other SUV, yet has AWD so I"ve gotten onto the beach down in Hateras No problem. LOVE SUBARU!!!
    1. ERICMWINTER's Avatar
      Subaru for life
    1. Mahalo's Avatar
      Nice I had a 05 wrx wagon, a 07 Impreza and now a 10 forester. No doubt Subaru for life. I already know my next Subaru will be the turbo, forester xt. I miss the power of my wrx, but love the space of my forester. Your Subie is gorgeous btw
    1. Mahalo's Avatar
      First 05 wrx wagon, 07 Impreza, and now my 10 forester. Ready know next will be a turbo forester xt. Subarue for life. Your Subie is amazing btw
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