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    Bali Adventures (Video)

    Joe Clarke, James Kates and Alex Bunting enjoying some early season Bali action before the summer crowds come. Joe Clarke's NMD signature board found HERE.

    Comments 5 Comments
    1. newylids's Avatar
      this is so good .. think its 1.12 biggest tweaked invert so so so dope
    1. kaikaya's Avatar
      no ways, ive seen and done way bigger tweaking inverts.
    1. b_damn808's Avatar
      So ur a pro?
    1. Bradley's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by b_damn808 View Post
      So ur a pro?
      Since when do you have to be a pro to do bug inverts haha
    1. b_damn808's Avatar
      I dont know he's saying he can do better than the pros
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