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testing this new blog ,its soo cool!

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urbo Surf Designs are pleased to announce that 2 time World Champion Damian King has signed a 3 year contract to ride for Turbo's global bodyboarding team .

Turbo Surf Design's owner and Head Shaper, Glenn Taylor, stated that:

"We are stoked to have one of the icons of the sport join the Turbo team. We have known Damian for a number of years now and have great respect for him, for not only all that he has achieved in the water but also his contribution to the sport out of the water. These characteristics are closely tied to the ideals we hold here at Turbo Surf Designs and we look forward to working with Damian to develop bodyboarding further. We believe Damian has the ability and passion to rise back to the top of the sport.

We have started working on the new Damian King range of Turbo boards for 2010 and they are looking great, maybe with some surprises to be revealed! It is a real benefit to have Damian living so close to our shaping bay, so we can perfect his template and combine it with our world class materials and construction techniques".

Commenting on the new sponsorship deal, Damian King stated that :

"What has impressed me the most about Turbo and one of the key reasons why I am excited by the change is Turbo is an ethical brand with good morals that invests back into the sport of bodyboarding. Even at a local level I have watched Turbo get behind our local club and show support to the younger generation and amateur competitors. I am a passionate bodyboarder and this now translates into the board company I ride for.

Also Glenn Taylor, part owner and one of the best shapers in the World, is amped to work closely with me to get my boards back up to a level I need. Having the head shaper only a stones throw from my house is going to be a huge, huge advantage! On the broader scale my Turbo Damian King signature boards are going to be coming out of the best performance bodyboard factory in the World. This means my signature model will be at a quality level that I have never had in the past- Finally!!

I am focused on the 2010 IBA World Tour and now with the best equipment and Turbo's support, I am confident I can make an impact . The 2010 World Tour kicks off with the IBA Turbo Bodyboards Pipeline Grand Slam "

Turbo Surf Designs are also proud to confirm that we have once again locked in the naming sponsorship for the IBA Turbo Bodyboards Pipeline Grand Slam in Hawaii in February 2010.

"The IBA Turbo Bodyboards Pipeline Grand Slam sponsorship is also a very important partnership for our company", stated Glenn Taylor. "Turbo Surf Design's roots trace back to Hawaii and we are committed to re-instating the Pipe event to be the greatest showcase of the sport of bodyboarding. We hope it encourages other companies in the industry to invest money back into the sport that we are all so passionate about. It is only with this level of support that bodyboarding will reach its true potential."

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