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    For those of you who have been tuned into the Discovery Channel's "Shark Week" you might be a little paranoid to get in the water. Although it's a fact that you're less likely to die from a shark attack than getting into a fatal car crash on the road, shark attacks on humans do indeed happen!

    But have no fear... we found some helpful tips to prevent you from being attacked by our ocean's apex predator, the shark.


    -Avoid being in the water during darkness or twilight hours when sharks
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    The title to this edit claims it all...Winny, The King of South America!!! Who can stop Dave Winchester's commanding lead going into the final 4 events of the IBA World Tour??? Keep checking back for updates as The Sintra Pro, Portugal is set to kick off on August on 28th.

    For a Dave Winchester signature model and all the latest
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    Here is an edit from Laura Newbury featuring Jake Stone, Dylan Lee, Raffi Meyer, Nick O has a cameo and many more as she explores nowhereabouts of Australia.

    the first thing I have ever edited on final cut so its pretty basic and not the best!
    just some clips from my time in australia this year.
    some things I learnt while I was there. can get sunburnt at 7am.very sunburnt.and
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    Colin Herlihy of Backwoods Crew revisits the highest air ever recorded on a bodyboard filmed over a decade ago in Puerto Rico...Whats your feeling???? Does this count in the running as the highest air ever??? Do you have to complete the maneuver or just grab your balls and boost?!?!

    Here are a few other submissions that we feel should be in the running.

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    Yet another sick Toys Bodyboards edit has been released, this time featuring Corey Daglish. This is his second Toys video-cast. Four sessions worth of footage... well done!

    For more information and the latest bodyboarding gear, please check out the following links:
    Toys Bodyboards | Vimeo Channel
    The Newest Toys
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    Angelo Faraire has been one of the promising Tahitian chargers putting Tahiti bodyboarders on the map. Angelo has the barrel riding skills as well as a full arsenal of aerial attacks. Definitely one of the bodyboarders we'll be keeping a close eye on.

    For more information and the latest bodyboarding gear, please check out the ...