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Thread: The Official Buying & Selling Gear Thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steez
    holds up great. the only reason why I'm selling it is it's too big. only used it for a season. I have a custom and the custom is so much slower compared to the nmd. the nmd shoots you onto the wave
    Nice cuz I'm lookin at new boards and that brand model crossed my mind but still not sure what to get.. What's your custom

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    not exactly sure about everything. it's my brothers board. but its a crescent like the nmd but it doesn't have the same feel as the nmd. the nmd seems so clean when you ride on it. I'm gonna miss it. might get the same board but different size
    rash guards and water shoes .

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    Still have my No.6 Goliathe Icon for sale. Down to $75, or if you have a smaller board, a 42.5 or 43 and want to trade, tell me what you have.
    Heres the craigslist ad. Im in SD, and can meet halfway if youre in LA.

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    fins for sale cheap!!
    Kicks ml message me if Instrested
    Stealthy sold!
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    I have a 43" nmd dave winchester for sale. Only used a few times. Its a few years old though. Here's the ad on craigslist. make an offer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SealBeachSponger
    also selling my old wetsuit. i upgraded to a reeflex suit.

    <img src=""/>
    What mm and size bro?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eastcoastbbww View Post
    What mm and size bro?
    extra large 3/2 mm

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    Damn , I'm looking for a 4/3 or any kinda thick winter suit. There expensive so if anyone has one hit me up!!

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    I"m in SoCal and looking for a 43"-45" board.

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